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Past Missions

Below you can find our previous questions in the BilgeKunduz Informatics and Computational Thinking competition. 

Archive Questions


About Missions

Example Task

The aim of the people who developed the Bilge Kunduz task is to generate questions that motivate students, are interesting, are related to informatics and require thinking about technology. Possible topics related to computer literacy and informatics may also be included in the tasks.

Birincilik Ödülü

Scoring of Missions

How is scoring done in the event?

  • Easy difficulty tasks will be calculated as 6 points, medium difficulty tasks will be calculated as 9 points, and difficult tasks will be calculated as 12 points.

  • The highest score that can be obtained in an event is 135.

  • Scoring is done according to the difficulty level of the questions.

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2019-22 Arşiv Sorular

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Seviyelere göre arşiv sorularımıza aşağıdaki butondan ulaşabilirsiniz...

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