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International Bilge Kunduz Informatics Competition

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Bilge Beaver  Discover   

The first international informatics event was held in Lithuania in 2004 and then quickly spread to other countries. More than 500,000 students participated in the event in 2012. Since its inception, many European countries have participated and continue to participate in the event.

Today, the event is implemented in more than 50 countries with millions of participants. 

Jump On
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Crossing the River

Bebras Quest

Bilge Kunduz's father and two brothers want to cross the river without getting wet in a boat that can carry 10 kg.

Feed the Cat
Harita Okuma
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Hidden Meal

Bebras Quest

Our beaver found two hiding places to hide his food. He wants to mark the points on this map with an "X" to remember them. But he also wants to surprise his opponents who have taken over the map.

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Ripple Delete
Gezici Robot
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Robot Mouse


Can you program our robot mouse to help him reach the cheese? 

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About Bilge Beaver

Bilge Kunduz is an international event that was created with the aim of teaching computer science and computational thinking to students of all ages.

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