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2 Sample Tasks

BilgeKunduz missions and 


Water Support
Dress Code

Wise Beaver Mission:

The purpose of the people who developed the Bilge Kunduz task is to generate questions that motivate students, are interesting, are related to informatics and require thinking about technology. Possible topics related to computer literacy and informatics may also be included in the tasks.

A good Wise Beaver:

  • informaticsshould represent the concept,​

  • easy to understand,

  • It should dissolve within 3 minutes,

  • Short, for example, should fit on a single screen page,

  • It can be solved on the computer without using other software or paper and pen, and

  • It should be interesting and fun.

Example Task

11-12 Age Group Sample Task: 

Water Support

Mission name: Water support
Age: 11-12
Difficulty: Medium
Category: Structural 

The wise beaver has built a pipeline system to water the apple tree.

Statements consist of four variables that can be true or false: A, B, C, D. If a switch is on, the variable is true, if off, the variable is false. Accordingly, in which case does water reach the apple tree?

A) A = false, B = true, C = false, D = false

B) A = true, B = true, C = false, D = false

C) A = true, B = false, C = false, D = true

D) A = false, B = false, C = false, D = true




A: Since B is open and A is closed, the correct answer is A and the water comes into the tree.
B: Since A is open, water from B goes directly down from A.
C: B is closed, there is no water coming from the left side. Since C is closed, the right side is also blocked.
Since D: B is closed, there is no water coming from the left side. Since C is closed, the right side is also blocked.

This question is about informatics. Because the process of data structures in computer programs models real life. In this question, too, switches represented variables on or off. 

Mission name: Wise Beaver Dressing Rules
Age: 11-12
Difficulty: Easy
Category: Structural – Algorithmic

Wise Beavers have developed a new dress code because they like the complex rule system. However, some wise beavers do not dress according to this rule. You need to find out which wise beaver is dressed incorrectly with the help of the graphic below.

This graph structure is called a tree; this is because it resembles a real-life tree structure. It has a root and growing branches attached to it. To complete the task, you have to decide which direction to go in the tree structure and proceed from top to bottom.

Which wise beaver did not dress according to the dress code?

Example Task-2




The correct answer is option B. The wise beaver here is not dressed in accordance with the dress code. He wears a red hat instead of a blue one.

This question is about informatics. In this question, there is a decision tree structure used in pattern recognition. A decision tree is a graph showing each possible outcome of a decision using the branching method.

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